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bait and tackle station Toho-Rig Portable bait station

Bait and Tackle Station
A perfect water bait container for very small boats

Shingle Creek Outfitters
A name that can be associated with the most portable, convenient, durable, versatile and attractive bait containers bait tanks and bait wells made today.
Tote-Well bait container
The ideal bait container for piers, bridges and beaches or as a carry-on for large boats pontoons and
Portable - Easy to carry to and from your boat
Convenient - easy to drain, w/ measuring rule and lure trays
Durable - all products made of extremely durable polyethylene
Versatile and Attractive - nice look w/ plenty of storage

Bait Containers

toho-Rig bait container  
A bait container that features galvanized hooks to fit on any Jon Boat or Vee Hull
Bait and Tackle Station, Tote-Well, and Toho-Rig all feature a 360 degree pump that circulates and oxygenates the water. This pump system allows you to maintain quality bait and fish, with the convenience of portability.

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